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1. The picture which compete must be photo of original painting. That means picture has not to be a copy of any other similar painting and artist who upload photo is the owner of painting.

2. The theme of the 2021 competition is Positive Energy. We reserve the right to exclude without notice from the competition artworks that will not be related to the official theme of the EAA 2021 competition.

3. Each competitor can participate with only one own piece of painting.

4. You can upload photo of your art to us via Contest gallery app in term from 15th July to 13th August 2021 (12:00 AM). From these moment art jury will start with selection and choose 11 highest quality artworks

5. Results will be present at the furthest to 31st August 2021.

6. Winners will be selected by jury made of professional artists from different countries (jurors were chosen by votes of people on Facebook), one winner will be awarded according to the highest number of votes in Contest Gallery, so called prize of sympathy (12th prize)

7. Juror can’t compete with his/her artwork, neither support any artworks of artists from his/her close relationship. In case of doubt with unfair selection, we will be forced to replace the juror.

8. Voting is running only via Contest gallery. It’s necessary to login at first to give a vote.

9. When any of illegal manipulation with voting is going to appear, we reserve the right to exclude the artist from competition.

10. We reserve the right to change conditions during the competition. Any change made during the competition would be immediately forwarded to all competitors via email, or FB page.

11. Under unexpected circumstances, we reserve the right to change winner prize with a different product on the same value level.

12. Prizes will be send immediately after getting contact details from the winners. Winners will be contacted via email.

13. Competition is open for artists over 16 years.

14. We accept photographs of works of art created exclusively by traditional art (all techniques except digital creation)

15. Each competitor can upload photo of painting if possible with the good quality size.

16. If the winner doesn’t response to the informative email about winning a prize within 14 days, we reserve the right to choose another winner.

17. It’s possible to cancel photos from competition by writing to us via email Exception is the photo which is published on our e-shops and website in gallery of EAA winners.